Switzerland night club jobs
Detalii Club:

Locatie: Elvetia/St. Gallen

1 CHF = 0.81€ (Aproximately)


Switzerland – St. Gallen


Is from 22.00 till 04.00 from Monday (or Tuesday) till Thursday
And from 22.00 till 07.00 Friday and Saturday - on Sunday is closed  
Work begins: 21:50 Dressed on the Bar
Lateness it will be take away from Gage to the tun of CHF 20.

- Girls make topless on stage, full striptease on table-dance and lap-dance,
hostess and consummation. Girls should have with themselves some long and short dress, bikini, straps and corsage, latex, fantasy outfits, shoes and relevant accessories.
- Girls dance on the stage 2 songs. First one dressed - Second one topless.

Garderobe cabinets
Each of the girls gets a cabinet with a key locker in the dressing room; the key to the cabinet is taken deposits in the amount of CHF 50. -, Deposit is returned when we get the key back, otherwise the club with money from deposit buys a new key for Cabinet


Accommodation costs - FREE

Girls are obliged to keep cleanliness in the apartment.
Cleaning rules are posted in each apartment, please respect them.
Club keep from Girls the deposit in the amount of CHF 100.-- - to keep cleanliness in the apartment. When Girl leaves the apartment and the apartment is left clean - girl gets a deposit in the amount of CHF 100, - back. But if the apartment it is not cleaned - club keeps deposit, and with the money from the deposit - club takes a person to clean the apartment.


The dancers have to pay their tickets.


• Minimum age 18 years,
• pleasant appearance,
• good English,
• communicative, serious minded and ambitious.


Fix salary 50 CHF per day.
Girls pay Tax 100 CHF per week.
Gage and percent from the drinks are paid on beginning of the next week
(usually on Wednesday).
Coupons / Tickets
Girls keep all coupons from the cash desk till end of the work time,
then you give back all coupons to the DJ
Coupons from the bottles please bring DIRECT to the DJ
 before you go in booth (separe), that DJ can write at what time your bottle started, when your bottle is finished DJ call you out from booth (separe).
No Coupon – No % from the bottle.


Every comissions is in CHF:

CUPLI 20  15 min 4
L.DRINK 30  15 min 6
Spritzosso 35  15 min 7
FL 270  60 min 54
Fl 290  60 min 58
FL 310  60 min 62
FL 340  60 min 68
FL 380  60 min 76
FL 590  60 min 118
FL 20%    
T DANCE 50  1 Song 25
T DANCE 80 (Happy Hour till 24.00)  2 Songs 40
PAK I      80  15 min 30
PAK II     180  30 min 50
PAK III   250  60 min 90
PAK IV   350  60 min 120
PAK V    520  60 min 150
Jakuzzi 350  30 min 90
Jakuzzi 520  60 min 150
Jakuzzi  1700  60 min 600
Mumm Pak   490   60 min 90
Laurent Pak  550   60 min 100
Moet Pak      610   60 min 110
Nectar Pak    670   60 min 125
Veuve Pak     670   60 min 125
DomPer Pak  960   60 min 150


Girls should have with themselves some long and short dress, bikini, straps and corsage, latex, fantasy outfits, shoes and relevant accessories.


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